CD Date: October 24, 1995

  1. Letter B
  2. Off To School
  3. It's Zydeco
  4. Wet Or Dry
  5. I Want To Hold Your Ear
  6. Grouch Girls Don't Want To Have Fun
  7. The Word Is "NO"
  8. Healthy Food
  9. With A Little Yelp From My Friends
  10. Rebel L
  11. There's A Lot Of Different Ways To Get To School
  12. Hand Talk
  13. ZZ Blues
  14. I'm The Big One Now
  15. D-U-C-K-I-E
  16. I'm A Bookworm Baby
  17. Wet Paint
  18. Once Is Not Enough
  19. It's Just A Rock But I Like It Fine
  20. Hey Food

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