Wimzies House film series is a spin off of the TV SHOW

Feautirng Wimzie, Horrace, Jonas, Lou,lou and later Bo As Teenagers

it started in 2009

First Film

Wimzies House The Big Team Trouble

Relase Date June 5 2009

DVD October 23 2009

Wimzies House 2 Eighth Grade Chronicles

June 3 2011


Wimzies House 3 Freshmans Most Wanted

June 1 2012


Wimzie Deadlocked

May 31 2013

DVD October 2013

films are Distributed BY Columbia Pictures

Section headingEdit

Four Teenagers Wimzie, Horrace, Lou Lou and Jonas are Students attendeng School and Later Starting High School in Wimzies House 3 and Deadlocked Wimzies 12 year old Brother Bo is at Beavis and Butthead Middle School in 7th Grade and he is 13 in deadlocked

Section headingEdit

This is set in Ohio where wimzie and her family lives

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